Colt Big Man Pump System

Colt Big Man Pump System

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Have you heard the saying, "bigger is better"? Well if you are well endowed already, but want to be bigger, this is the penis pump for you!

The CalExotics Big Man Pump System is a heavy-duty and easy to use pump, designed to help maximize your erotic experiences.  The clear cylinder has measurements on the side, so you can get to that desired size.

Some of the features include:

  • Easy squeeze trigger, making the pumping nice and easy
  • Quick air release valve
  • Flanged base for a nice secure seal
  • Oversized cylinder
  • Incremental markings on the side

Note: clean your pump with mild soapy water or toy cleaning spray before and after use and if you are sharing your pump, make sure you use a condom

Colt Big Man Pump System SpecificationSpecs




Dimensions (L x W x H)

292.00mm x 102.00mm x 102.00mm



Silicone and acrylic



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