Musings of a Self-Proclaimed Geek

Musings of a Self-Proclaimed Geek
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Hi, my name is Anita and I’m an introverted female computer geek that likes to write about sex...

Ok, maybe not quite as punchy as the intro for a 12 step program, but what the hell, it works. Right?

While writing this I decided to Google my name "Anita", I know a little vain, but look what Urban Dictionary came up with

Anita is just plain amazing! She's not so girly but she's natural beauty. She's sweet, funny, cute, and smart. Her smile is undeniable. She can be a beezy at times when you piss her off but other than that, she's a keeper. She's usually shy but then shows herself once you get to know her better. She always doubts herself but this goof is one of a kind and anyone who has her in her life is damn well lucky!

Damn.. Look at me go!

This is my blog, and I want to let you all know who I am, and most importantly why the hell I’ve decided to publicly air my proverbial dirty laundry.

Really it’s not that fantastical, or special, I’m "Gen Y" so I like the instant gratification (no pressure, but this is your queue) that one gets from putting everything out there for the world to comment on.

So, here goes.

I’m a geek, always have been and no doubt always will be, I can almost see the shock on your face... Oh, sarcasm is a big part of my repertoire too, if you had not already guessed. Computers have been a big part of my life as well, unquestionably fuelling my introverted habits.

I’ve found that looking at someone’s desk and what’s on it, can be a pretty good insight into the person. So, here is my desk:

Sxy Geek desk

So, let me analyse this for you, the way I see it.

There is the laptop as one would expect, running Linux as the operating system. So, that already cements my geekdom if you were ever in doubt, the second screen only exacerbates it. Although two screens these days seems to be becoming the norm, so I'll accept a point off for that.

The Star Wars BB8 toy, fidget cubes, rubik's cube and other various toys not only shows that I have geek tendencies, it also displays a high level or nerdiness, of which I’m certainly proud. So we don’t have issues down the track, I’m not a Trekkie, I know that means I lose credibility in the nerd-o-meter, but I had to put it out there. But in the theme of full disclosure, I haven’t really sat down and watched Star Trek either, can you convince me to? And if so, which one?

Moving on

The iPhone and iPad could show one of a few things (you let me know your opinion, Gen Y don't forget).

  1. I’m a sheep that just has to have the most expensive and latest gadgets. But the astute will notice that’s it’s an iPhone 5s, not exactly the latest and greatest.
  2. That I’m full of shit because who wouldn’t want an iPhone? Oh boy, let the flame wars begin…
  3. Or, that at the time of initial purchase of an iPhone (the then new to market and flashy iPhone 4), I was writing web applications that needed to run on the most popular device at the time...

You be the judge…

I’m sure you can draw so many more theories and conclusions from my desk, why don’t you? Let me know in the comments below, I’d be happy to hear what other deep-seated issues you think I might have. I know I have a few, maybe you can unearth a few new ones I didn’t know about.

Ok, so I’ve established I’m not only a geek, but a nerd as well, seems like I fit my ideal audience, but for one thing.

Where is the sex?

Ta Da...

resize event

Not quite sex, but it's close? No? And it's geeky, already I'm ticking all my boxes

To use the old cliché, “life is short”, or even “carpe deim”. Fuck it, they are cliché’s for a reason, they are true. We only get one shot at this life and we might as well make the most of it. To that end, I will never shy away from anything (sex, erotica and chocolate especially), I’m going to go out there and grab anything and everything that’s in reach, literally and figuratively.

I’ve wafted on, but still haven’t answered the why, what will I be writing about and how often.

First, the why. Because it’s an outlet, be it factual, fun or fictional, it’s a place that allows me to express myself without being afraid of what people will think, or their reaction. Sure, you will all judge me nine ways to Sunday, but I don’t have to watch for a reaction on your face, if you love it or hate it enough, you can always let me know in the comments, or email me. The internet still affords us a level of anonymity, not like it used to, but there is still some there.

What will the topics be about? Well, as a rough guess geeky stuff, nerdy stuff and sexy stuff? Jumble all those together and you have a starting point.
Note to self: A little less sarcastic answer would probably be best Anita


Basically, the topics will be a variety of anything that interests me, but they will all have some connection, however tenuous back to geeks, nerds, and sex

Finally, how often will I be invading your screen with new and exciting material? At the moment, I plan to add something once a week. That can be re-assessed as time goes on.

Now the pressure is on you, I’ve said I want my instant gratification, it’s up to you to give it to me, please comment below, let me know what you think (be nice, I’m a little fragile) and what you would like to hear more about.

I plan on starting a “Dear Sxy Geek” column, you know reminiscent of “Dear Dolly” back in the good old days, so if you have a question for me, drop me an email and I can start answering your juicy questions.

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