Marriage, Equivalence for All

Marriage, Equivalence for All
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This post is not going to be overly nerdy, nor is it going to be overly sexy, but it is about a topic that is important to me.

Australia has just approved Same Sex Marriage (SSM), and over the weekend we had our first same sex marriage!!! When I found out that we as a nation had voted in favour of legalising same sex marriage, I was so very proud to be an Australian. I put aside the knocks on the door I got, telling me that SSM is bad, that it’s an abomination. I put aside the numerous leaflets I got in my letterbox telling me that I needed to vote no for the good of our kids education. And I put aside the harassing phone calls, facebook posts and TV advertisement campaigns all telling me to vote no. Side note, I didn’t once get anything telling me to vote yes, I figured the yes side thought common sense would prevail.

While being all proud and what not, I was also skeptical. This was a non-binding voluntary survey… There were many in the government who had spoken out about SSM in the past, were they going to vote as their constituents wished them to vote? Or, were they going to ignore the people that elected them, and vote how they wanted to? Or worse, were they going to abstain from voting altogether? It was another proud Aussie moment when it was all signed, sealed and delivered in the parliament only a few short weeks ago.

I was so very proud to be an Australian

Now, you have no doubt assumed I’m gay, lesbian or one of the other LGBTIQ flavours out there. Well I’m not. I’m as straight as they come, sorry to tell you. I am however someone who supports and believes in equal rights for everyone. I march in the Sydney Mardi Gras parade every year (well for the past 4 years anyway), and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. If you have never been to a Mardi Gras, I encourage everyone to go to one at least once in your lifetime. It’s a party where everyone is welcome! I have never been amongst more open, honest and caring people than at a Mardi Gras parade. Side note, keep an eye out for upcoming posts about next year’s 40th Sydney Mardi Gras, we can’t wait!!!

As I said, not a nerdy or sexy post, but a proud one. I mean, just think about how much more all the wedding companies can now make, the economy is saved! All jokes aside, good on ya Australia

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