Geeky Online Dating 102

Geeky Online Dating 102
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Last time we learnt about the geek girl and slightly geeky boy; how they were similar, but oh so different as well. In this instalment, we will look at how the girl had fared in her online dating encounters up until this point.

The word dismal comes to mind. The geeky girl had so far had dismal luck with her online dating escapades. I assume you have heard the saying “like attracts like”? Well, it's not just a saying, there is a lot of truth to it as well, not always to the benefit of both parties, as you will find out.

Imagine if you will, the profile of the girls. “Geeky girl looking for a long-term partner.” Before you say it, no, she wasn't very descriptive or perhaps enticing, and it didn't leave much to the imagination. It didn't say what type of partner she was looking for, which in hindsight she probably should have mentioned.

Online dating sites are commonly used by one of two types of people.

  1. People looking for one night stands, for a good quick fun time
  2. People that didn't fit into the social mould, think the club and pub scene

Well because of our heroines lack of description she got both types of people responding. She didn't want the first kind, so that was a non-issue. The issue was the “stimulating” people that fit into the second category.

Geeky girl looking for a long-term partner

Let's describe one such encounter, and leave the rest to your imagination. He was a computer nerd just like her! In the beginning, she had hopes, maybe not high hopes, but hopes nevertheless. You had to start somewhere after all and if things went well, is it not a females job to change her man into what she wants? The next tick was that he was into geeky and nerdy things as well…

Nerdy Date #1

Roll up, roll up, new movie starting tonight!

Location: Movies
Day: Thursday (because apparently, the new releases come out on a Thursday)

The thing about internet dating is you have to trust the other person puts an accurate picture of themselves up on their profile. If they don't it makes things “interesting” to say the least. This was not the case in our geek girls case, she had found one of the honest ones that put an accurate photo up. The photo accurately summed up the stereotypical nerd… You know the type I'm sure.

So the geeky girl and (let's call him suiter #3) met at the movies for their first date. It was some action thriller, not your typical date movie, but I guess you could say this wasn't your typical couple. Ever the gentleman he purchased tickets, drinks and popcorn. A few pleasantries were passed and then the movie started. 2 hours or so later, the movie was done and they left the cinema. On a whim suiter #3 suggested they have coffee, to which our geek girl agreed. There ensued roughly 30 minutes of small idle chit-chat that didn't achieve anything. Then finally (for our heroine at least), the date was done.

Dorky Date #2

Location: Movies
Day: Thursday (because apparently, the new releases come out on a Thursday)

They went to see yet another “new release” action movie of some kind. There were the same awkward silences and crappy idle chit-chat as the first date.

Dissapointing Date's #3, 4, 5…

Location: Movies
Day: Thursday

I think you can see where I'm going with this one… There was, however, an improvement! No idle chit-chat ensued. Not that, that meant the conversation had suddenly become riveting and important, it just basically stopped.

Now let's recap here, our heroine lived by herself, worked with a bunch of guys who's greatest achievements in life had more to do with gaming consoles and computer servers than girls. Our heroine herself had more experience with gaming consoles and computer servers than with boys. So, she was less than impressed when her date didn't have anything other than gaming consoles or computer servers to talk about…

The beginning of the end

After the fiasco with the movies (an event for which our geek girl has never fully recovered, I might add), the flavours of the dates changed but stayed oh so similar.

Sensing that the movies weren't working, suiter #3 tried the next trick in his wheelhouse, Doctor Who! Over a number of weekends, our two unlikely suspects watched the comings and goings of every Doctor Who episode made. This in itself wasn't too bad, Doctor Who was a likeable character and the storylines were interesting. The issues began once our geek girl decided to go home. Suiter #3 had no and I mean NO experience with the opposite sex, no scrap that he had no experience with sex full stop, no matter the gender.

So, instead of the awkward idle chit-chat of the movies, the geek girl now had to endure roughly 30 minutes of experimentation on suiter #3’s part, to please and entice a woman. Suffice to say he had a long way to go.

But our geek girl being who she is, gives him the benefit of the doubt. It was the next two actions that he did, that sealed the deal for him though.

The first was Red Dwarf, to which I quote, “It's just like Doctor Who, you'll love it!” Our heroine did not “love it”! After persisting through the entire first season she had come to the conclusion Red Dwarf was nothing like Doctor Who, but more to the point, Red Dwarf as nothing she wanted to watch, much to the disappointment of suiter #3.

The second happened during the whole Red Dwarf episode, so her patience had already worn h. Having not met his friends (she assumed they were there in the background somewhere) or family, also I might add, in all suiter #3’s fumbling, he had not managed even a peck on the check yet. Taking all that into consideration, our geek girl was invited to stay with him at his parent's place for the entire Christmas period, sleeping in the same room, being portrayed as the happy “couple”... That didn't happen.

Unhappy geek woman in bed

Not too much time passed after this indiscretion, that a text message was sent to suiter #3, a text message breakup. This may sound cruel to you and it probably was, but nevertheless, it had the desired effect.

As you can see, our geeky girl hadn't had much luck, after this latest fiasco she had all but decided that being a cat lady didn't sound too bad. But as we will see next time, good things could be right around the corner.

Have you had a disastrous experience with dating, be it online or otherwise? If so, we would love to hear about it, leave a comment below.

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