Geeky Online Dating 101

Geeky Online Dating 101
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Here's the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls
All of them had hair of gold, like their mother.
The youngest one in curls.

Here's the story of a man named Brady
Who was busy with three boys of his own.
They were four men living all together
Yet they were all alone

Till the one day when the lady met this fellow.
And they knew that it was much more than a hunch,
hat this group must somehow form a family,
That's the way we all became the Brady Bunch.

Well, that’s not quite the story I have, but it sounds good no? And don’t tell me you didn’t sing along…

This is a story about a girl and a guy finding love, but no kids, only the fun practising that comes before kids. It’s a story about how two people were able to find each other through the swath and deep pit that is online dating and a few tips on how you too can find what you are looking for.

This is the first in a series of posts about this specific couple...

Let me describe both parties

The Girl

...shrine to geeky girls everywhere

She was your typical geeky, nerdy chick, you know the type. Web developer by day, spending 8-10 hours a day on the computer at work, surrounded by a selection of equally or more geeky boys each day on the job. Socially inept, unless it was discussions via text-based communications. Outside of work, pleasures included watching and rewatching any number of sci-fi or fantasy movies and tv series multiple times over. Playing text-based role-playing games and various gaming consoles, for hours on end each night. The book collection, of which there was quite a collection, consisted solely of thick fantasy novels. Coca-Cola was the stimulant of choice, and it was used in copious amounts. Living alone, their home a shrine to geeky girls everywhere.

I think I have painted a pretty accurate picture of the typical nerd/geek that we all think of when the word comes out…

Geek girl writing computer code

The Boy

He liked to think that he was a computer geek, but knew his limitations, he knew he didn’t even rate on the nerd scale. He didn’t really rate on the computer geek scale, not like the girl. He dabbled in websites using simple scripting languages, but that was a side gig. He was a social butterfly, going to parties on the weekend, jet-setting to different places on a whim, just because he wanted to. He did still play games, but only on the computer and solitaire really doesn’t count as a “game” does it... The last book he “read” was a university textbook, and even then, it was a skim rather than an in-depth read. He did have a palm pilot though (yes this all takes place one or two years err, decades ago), so he thought that pushed him up in the geek culture. And, he did live with his parents still, so you know, all wasn’t lost.

Somewhat geek guy pondering on computer

Now we should have an image with regard to both parties, stay tuned next time for an in-depth look at the girl’s past online dating experiences.

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